Hungarian government honours anti-Semite

This video is called Hungary Erects Statues of Pro-Nazi Leader: Admiral Miklos Horthy Joined Axis, Aided Holocaust.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Hungarian government awards Tancsics prize for journalism to notorious anti-Semite Ferenc Szaniszlo

Tony Paterson

Sunday 17 March 2013

Hungary’s right-wing government faced fierce criticism today for awarding its top state journalism prize to a television presenter notorious for spreading Jewish conspiracy theories and describing the country’s Roma minority as “human monkeys”.

Media reports from Budapest said the government of conservative premier Viktor Orban had awarded Hungary’s annual Tancsics prize – the country’s highest journalistic award – to Ferenc Szaniszlo, a presenter for the pro-government Echo TV channel.

Mr Szaniszlo’s anti-Semitic outbursts and his detrimental remarks about the country’s ostracised Roma minority were made on air in 2011 and prompted Hungary’s state-controlled media watchdog body to fine the channel. Today, ten former Tancsics recipients said they were returning their awards in protest against the decision. Mr Szaniszlo was not reported to have commented on their actions.

Zoltan Balog, the government minister responsible for state awards, described the choice of Mr Szaniszlo as “regrettable”. He claimed he had been unaware that the presenter had made anti-Semitic and racist remarks on air. Mr Balog said he had no legal powers to rescind the award.

Other recipients included the musician, Janos Petras, lead singer of the group Karpatia, which is regarded as the house band of Hungary’s extreme right-wing and virulently anti-Semitic Jobbik party, and the archaeologist Kornel Bakay, who has claimed Jesus Christ was Hungarian and that the Jews were slave traders during the Middle Ages.

Mr Oban’s Fidesz party-led coalition has a two-thirds parliamentary majority. But it is currently under fire from both the European Union and the US for introducing constitutional amendments that, among other things, limit the power of the Constitutional Court and oblige students on state grants to stay in Hungary and work after graduation. Mr Orban has vigorously defended the moves insisting that they are necessary to eradicate the last vestiges of Communism from Hungary’s political system.

23 thoughts on “Hungarian government honours anti-Semite

    • Hi, the anti-semitism in Hungary has nothing at all to do with Israel/Palestinian or other Arab issues. It is a leftover from the 1930s-1940s when the Hungarian ruling class were largely allies of Adolf Hitler.


  1. Tue 19 Mar 2013

    Perlasca: The former fascist who saved thousands of Jews

    by Siân Ruddick

    This is the true story of Giorgio Perlasca, who hid thousands of Jews from the Nazis.

    Perlasca had been a fascist in the 1920s—he even fought for Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

    For this he was rewarded with a safe conduct pass for Spanish embassies.

    This meant that when he became disillusioned with fascism in Nazi-occupied Hungary he was able to get into the Spanish embassy.

    More remarkably, when the Spanish consul was removed, Perlasca took his place.

    He then began to hide, shield and feed thousands of Jews. He used obscure Spanish laws to issue them safe conducts.

    This film deftly illustrates the horrors of fascism and the extraordinary risks seemingly unlikely people took to resist it.

    Perlasca: The courage of a just man.

    Directed by Alberto Negrin

    Italian with subtitles

    Available from 8 April


  2. Hungary is doomed and EU should get rid of it, get some measures, do something.
    It is incredible what is happening and Hungary is a Schengen country!
    Maybe this is EU and we didnt realise yet!
    Hungary out!


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