16 thoughts on “US American horses exported for meat

  1. Hi. This has been going on for years. Longer than I have been alive. If you have been following the news(and my blog) you would have heard that lawmakers have re-legalized horse slaughter again. In less than three weeks, the first US slaughterhouse for horses will open in New Mexico. In fact, one of my blogger friends, Richard, over on Straight From The Horses Mouth, one of our leading advocates for our horses, exposed where the horse meat was coming from that was contaminating the European food supply. It was coming out of a business in Houston. You can read more about horse slaughter, this travesty, and his work over on http://rtfitchauthor.com/. But thank you for putting this info out on your blog to your followers in your circle. There is still a small percentage of the American population who are unaware of this travesty because they are wrapped up their own little world. Things will go seriously downhill when this slaughterhouse in NM and other places start to open. It is NOT safe to eat horse meat because there is Bute(a carcinogen) in it and it could or already has contaminated our food supply. These slaughterhouses in particular smell incredibly bad and produce a lot of waste amongst other things. It is just horrid and gruesome. Our horses are our history and our backbone and need our protection and our help as they have protected us and helped his throughout our history. It is only right and fair that we help them out in this battle. Plz keep blogging once in a while about this. You have a great voice and people listen to you and we need people like you to speak on behalf of our horses. And I encourage you to at least check out Richard’s blog and even follow it if you feel so inclined. And that goes the same for your readers. Maybe you can give a shout out for him too. Thanks! šŸ™‚


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