British government sabotages Iraq war debate

This video is about Iraq war protests around the world, ten years ago on Febr. 15.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Government ‘blocks’ debate on Iraq war vote anniversary

Friday 15 March 2013

Backbench MPs hit out at the government today for apparently blocking a debate on marking the 10th anniversary of the 2003 Iraq war.

A group has written to parliamentary authorities, saying the public has a right to hear from MPs on the controversial decision to take the country to war in March 2003.

MPs including the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas, Tories Rory Stewart and Colonel Bob Stewart, Labour’s Paul Flynn and John McDonnell and former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy said they had called for a debate via the Backbench Business Committee.

But although it was agreed in principle, the government has refused to make the necessary time available, the group said.

Ms Lucas, Mr Kennedy and Mr Flynn said in a letter to Leader of the House Andrew Lansley that the public had a right to know more about the process that led to the country’s involvement in the war.

Brighton Pavilion MP Ms Lucas said: “Whatever position this government takes on Iraq and the Chilcot inquiry, to be published later this year, it is critical that the public does not see Parliament just sitting back and ignoring this 10-year anniversary milestone.”

MPs gave the green light for British involvement in the conflict 10 years ago on Monday.

It was one of the most controversial decisions made by Parliament in recent history, but many MPs feel it has not faced proper scrutiny.

Mr Flynn told the Star the group had pointed out “the supreme importance” of a debate on the subject.

He said there had been debates on other subjects including the Halabja massacre of 25 years ago and that therefore it was “puzzling” why this debate had not taken place.

“There is a broad-based demand to come to terms with the decision taken in 2003 and it merits parliamentary time,” he said.

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