100,000 dolphins off California, video

Wildlife Extra writes about this video:

As many as 100,000 dolphins in one vast pod spotted off San Diego

March 2013. Joe Dutra, captain of a whale watching boat in San Diego, reported in February that he had seen a vast ‘super-mega pod’ of dolphins covering an area 7.5 miles long and almost 6 miles wide and containing an estimated 100,000 dolphins. The entire group of dolphins appeared to be common dolphins.

Several thousand birds, seagulls, pelicans and others, were also in the area and there was a huge amount of bait activity which assisted in this feeding frenzy!

Captain Dutra said: “In my past years in the fishing industry, years ago, I used to see massive schools of dolphins off the coast of Central and South America, but nothing like this. This was a once in a life time experience. Truly Amazing!”

3 thoughts on “100,000 dolphins off California, video

  1. This is wonderful, but I’ve been deeply concerned at reading that the US navy is planning underwater sonic tests and devices which will deafen and kill millions of whales and other deep sea life….


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