‘Extinct’ South African butterfly rediscovery

Waterberg copper butterfly

From Wildlife Extra:

‘Extinct’ butterfly rediscovered in South Africa

New location seems better suited than previous known location

March 2013. The Waterberg Copper found after a gap of some 30 years during which it was assumed that it had become extinct. The butterfly was only known from one location, but it has now been found at a new location in greater numbers than before.

The butterfly has appeared at the Bateleur Nature Reserve which seemingly has plenty of suitable habitat [more] than the previous site.

More about this is here.

13 thoughts on “‘Extinct’ South African butterfly rediscovery

  1. Actually there have been a number of great successes over the last five years or so with regards to South Africa’s endangered butterflies. Three have been “rediscovered” (and all of them by Mark Williams) and new localities have been found for two other critically endangered species. But there is still a massive amount of work that needs to be done as the more that we learn about these amazing creatures, the more we realize that we don’t know all that much about them.


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