Maltese speak out against bird poaching

This video from Malta says about itself:

16 February 2013

Maltese people speak out about abuses in the countryside and call on politicians to stop chasing hunters’ votes and take action to protect wildlife and safe access to Malta’s countryside for all ahead of the general election on 9 March 2013.

Make the politicians listen! Your Voice Counts!

Times change, some things don’t…

For decades, politicians have granted hunters and trappers undue privilege with the result that they feel able to illegally occupy the countryside and kill protected species.

Politicians feel vulnerable before an election and the hunting lobby has been using this to their advantage. This time again, votes are being waved under their noses to bully politicians into submission.

This only works if politicians are convinced the occupation of public land, the widespread use of firearms in the countryside and the senseless killing of protected species are not a priority for you.

This time, make sure politicians are listening to you. When they knock on your door, tell them what you think.


A comment at YouTube on this video:

I am Maltese. MALTESE. I decided to go for my daily walk near Girgenti, rather than going around town like usual. All of a sudden, some hunter saw me, and he started shooting in the air, trying to scare me off. Being a woman, and being alone, in the middle of nowhere I walked back home.My own Country, My own home town, and I am not allowed to walk in the streets. X’gharukaza.

5 thoughts on “Maltese speak out against bird poaching

  1. AD warns of bird-slaughtering nation

    Alternattive Demokratika (AD) Chairperson Michael Briguglio reaffirmed his party’s position against spring hunting, adding that the other parties want malta to turn into a bird slaughtering nation.

    Dr Briguglio was visiting the nature reserve in Xemxija, where he said that he is in favour if increasing enforcement. He mentioned the PL, FKNK agreement arguing that as an EU member state, Malta is obliged to adhere with the Birds Directive and such irresponsible behaviour by both PL and PN is unacceptable. He stated that, in parliament AD will make sure that the Birds Directive will be respected and will not allow spring hunting and trapping.

    AD will also work towards the promotion of eco-tourism, incorporating bird watching which will serve as a boost for the tourism sector, Chairperson Briguglio said. Spring migration is a great opportunity for birdwatchers, particularly those interested in birds of prey, he said, adding that the PL and PN are contributing towards promoting Malta as a bird slaughtering nation thus deterring a number of prospective visitors.


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