Good Dutch Bewick’s swans news

This video from England is called Bewick Swans WWT Slimbridge.

Translated from the blog of warden Anke Bruin, on Vlieland island, the Netherlands:

March 4, 2013 by Anke Bruin, Forestry Department

No less than 69 Bewick’s Swans, including 6 first year youngsters (still a little gray) rested in the third Kroon’s polder wetland. Even the Chinook helicopter of the Air Force did not drive them away, they are probably very tired. ​​This morning, colleague Herman Vogel😉 mentioned the beautiful white birds. Bewick’s Swans have been in Vlieland earlier, but never such a big group. They are migrating from the south to the northern tundra and they are quite right, they just come here to rest and recharge.

A slide show about this is here (scroll down).

Also from Vlieland: this morning the first spoonbills of spring flying.

Dutch Starrevaart Bewick’s swans photos: here.

16 thoughts on “Good Dutch Bewick’s swans news

  1. Beautiful video! I love swans. They are so graceful. Two of them looked a little playful and almost looked like they were talking with each other. Amazing. The gliding into the water at the end was amazing!


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