10 thoughts on “People worldwide against austerity and oppression

        • Egged on by the bankers and the European Union bureaucracy, the money which IS theirs of, eg, teachers, shipyard workers, farmers and other Greek taxpayers is cut by 30% or more. That money goes to the bankers; who have caused the economic crisis, contrary to the taxpayers. While the military budget goes up over 60% to buy German and French weapons.

  1. And blind Americans still mostly don’t see any of this or understand that it will not be long before we are in the same boat as countries. We’re special; something magickal will happen and prevent the USA from *falling* into similar riots/uprisings/protests…*sigh*

    • In the nineteenth century, there was a certain base for United States “exceptionalism”. People dissatisfied with life in east coast cities might go west, to start farms on free or cheap land (often, American Indians’ land; but that’s another issue), or find gold etc. beyond the “frontier” of the “Wild West”. In this way, the West was a sort of safety valve for tensions in the east.

      Today, there is no more frontier. The gold etc. and much of the land are owned by big corporations. The safety valve is gone.

  2. Italian public transport workers strike over government austerity measures

    Public transportation workers went on strike Wednesday across the country to protest the government’s austerity measures, pay and job cuts. The industrial action involves tram, bus and metro workers and caused traffic jams across the capital, Rome.

    Italy’s parliamentary elections take place February 24 and 25.

    The present industrial action follows a series of strikes and protests against the austerity package of spending cuts and pension changes being imposed by the government of Prime Minister Mario Monti.


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