8 thoughts on “German and other European militarism

  1. Ireland is already part of Nato intimidation

    Thursday 21 February 2013

    Paul Doran’s letter (M Star February 16-17) about the Republic of Ireland’s armed forces in Mali was very important.

    Ireland has small detachments of troops “keeping the peace” in Afghanistan, and some other places.

    Ireland is part of Partnership for Peace (PfP), a Nato programme.

    PfP is “sold” to the public as similar to the army’s activities in the service of the United Nations.

    It is not – PfP is imperialist. It is designed to intimidate Russia and any other state that appears not to fall into line with the US, Britain and – to an extent – France.

    In particular China, a state and people with which the Irish people have no quarrel.

    Just as we had in 1914-18 no quarrel with the Bulgarians, Turks, Germans and Hungarians we killed for the greater glory of the British empire.

    The people of Ireland cherish the Republic’s neutrality on anti-imperialist grounds. We should do everything we can to maintain this particular tradition.

    Sean McGouran

    London N7



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