8 thoughts on “Arabian peninsula biodiversity

  1. The Middle East would rather spend its money on funding terrorists then the environment. I would hazard to guess that whatever is left over would trickle down to programs such as these. It is just the way the world is these days.
    I really enjoyed the video. I love learning about the different animals in the different countries in the world. No countries have the same animals. Each country is unique as their culture, religion, animals, foods eaten, music, clothing, etc. I love learning about that. I love music from over in the Middle East, Arabia, that area. The older, traditional music. Not the new, pop stuff.
    I have a few internationally friends. I have a friend down in South Africa. He works for a safari company. He also hunts big game. He posts pictures of the game he has killed on FB and we talk about them and he tells me what they are, how he cooks them, and how he they taste. I teach him about the animals over here. I also have two friends in India. They are cousins. We talk about the differences in culture between here and there and exchange recipes and stuff. Sometimes it hard to find ingredients for us to make the recipes. I love Indian food and music. Again, the older and traditional stuff. They are great friends of mine, just great people, and I love them lots and I have known them for over five years.
    Idk, I just think that instead of blowing up countries and invading them, that governments should concentrate on their countries and stuff on their home fronts, like preserving their animals and ecosystems, human rights, reducing crime, instead of trying to take over other countries and fight wars for other countries that they really have no business in. Like the wars over the Holy Land. How long has that business been going on? For thousands of years. Enough is enough, you know. Like North Korea. Do they have nothing better to do then test nuclear weapons all the time? Really??? I mean, look at their people. They are eating each other! How about their leader, who is fat and happy and eating well, how about instead of spending millions of dollars on nuclear warhead testing, give money for food for the starving people of his country and feed them. And they are really behind on times, like 30 years or so. And so sheltered. He needs to tend to the needs of the people first before trying to blow up his enemies. It is called priorities. The leaders of the countries don’t have their priorities straight and the wrong people are in power. Greed and money is what it comes down to. The people and the animals (and I am going to say it) the horses are suffering for it.
    And that is all I really have to say about this right now.

    • Thank you for your comment, Serenity!

      As for “The Middle East would rather spend its money on funding terrorists then the environment.”, I would say that may be true for royal families like in Saudi Arabia. But not for the whole Middle East; the women’s movements, the environmentalists, the pro-democracy movements.

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