Horse drug bute in human food chain

This video from Britain is called How will bute being found in horsemeat affect the food chain?

From in Ireland:

Horse drug bute not in Findus products, but found in food chain in France

14/02/2013 – 14:25:46

A horse drug dangerous to human health was not in horsemeat used in Findus products on Irish supermarket shelves, tests have confirmed.

The horsemeat that tested positive for “bute” was originally exported in carcass form from Britain, and appeared in the food chain in France.

Tests have shown that the drug was not in horsemeat found in some Findus beef-lasagne products which were removed from Irish supermarket shelves last week.

Editor of the Irish Farmers Monthly Margaret Donnelly said the presence of “bute” in the food chain was very worrying.

“Bute is quite dangerous for humans. It can be life-threatening,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rangeland Foods in Co Monaghan is withdrawing more burgers which have tested positive for horsemeat.

Tests carried out in the UK show horsemeat content of between 5% and 30% in the burgers.

The FSAI said the burgers, which were all sold to the catering and wholesale sectors, contained product supplied from Poland.

Lancashire County Council withdrew pre-prepared cottage pie delivered to schools after it tested positive for horsemeat as “equinegate” continued to gather pace today: here.

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