Visual arts history and climate change

William Pars, the Rhone glacier in Switzerland, 1770

Translated from Vroege Vogels radio in the Netherlands:

Melting glaciers

What do ancient paintings have to do with sea level rise now? The Utrecht glaciologist Paul Leclercq investigated hundreds of melting glaciers and relied on a variety of sources, like ice core research, historical writings and ancient drawings. He discovered that melting glaciers caused about half of the sea level rise. That’s twice as much as previously thought. Sunday, February 10 at Naturalis museum, he gave a lecture on ice and rising sea.


Leclercq made ​​a reconstruction of both the contribution of glaciers to sea level rise and temperature changes on the basis of historical glacier lengths. He calculated that since 1850 the sea level has risen by 9 centimeter by the decline of glacial ice. Last year, Leclercq got his PhD for this study.


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