Super Sweet Blogger Award, thanks Katharina!

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Katharina of ZazuMove Danza Libera blog was so kind to nominate my blog for the Super Sweet Blogger award. Thank you for thinking of me!

Katharina has a really interesting sweet blog, with subjects from dancing to music.

Dear Kitty. Some blog has received other awards. It is my second time for this award.

When nominated for the Super Sweet Blogger Award the nominees have to 1. thank the super sweet blogger that nominated them. 2. nominate a baker’s dozen of other bloggers (see below; with links to their blogs), and 3. answer 5 super sweet questions. [and probably: 4. add the Super Sweet Blogging Award image to your blog post and 5. notify your nominees at their blogs]

1.Cookies or Cake?

Cake (especially if the cookies are Internet cookies πŸ™‚ ).

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla (if the question is about custard).

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?

Strawberries and raspberries.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?

When there are few of them.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

My sweetie πŸ™‚

My nominees for the Super Sweet Blogging Award are:

1. imaginecontinua


3. Sheepish Wolf

4. Masqua’s Art

5. radiance

6. Light touch

7. Hot Rod Cowgirl

8. Books&Psychology

9. veronicacay

10. A.R.T.~ Photography

11. Victor Rakmil Photography

12. Hoof Beats and Foot Prints

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