United States governmental assassinations of citizens

This video from the USA says about itself:

8 February 2013

DemocracyNow.org – President Obama’s nominee to run the CIA, John Brennan, forcefully defended Obama’s counterterrorism policies, including the increase use of armed drones and the targeted killings of American citizens during his confirmation hearing Thursday. “None of the central questions that should have been asked of John Brennan were asked in an effective way,” says Jeremy Scahill, author of the forthcoming book “Dirty Wars.” “In the cases where people like Sen. Angus King or Sen. Ron Wyden would ask a real question, for instance, about whether or not the CIA has the right to kill U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. The questions were very good — Brennan would then offer up a non-answer. Then there would be almost a no follow-up.” Scahill went on to say, “[Brennan has] served for more than four years as the assassination czar, and it basically looked like they’re discussing purchasing a used car on Capitol hill. And it was total kabuki oversight. And that’s a devastating commentary on where things stand.

A three-judge appeals court panel in New York City ordered the Obama administration to release the redacted text of the legal analysis prepared by the Justice Department purporting to demonstrate the president’s authority to order drone-missile assassination of US citizens: here.

USA: A Google report released Monday shows a marked increase in government requests for private communications of Internet users: here.

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25 thoughts on “United States governmental assassinations of citizens

  1. very worrying when you consider all the strange deaths, suppressed statements and destructive goings-on around the people who didn’t toe the line on the Oswald theory of assassination of Kennedy


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