Dutch geese and swans counted

This video says about itself:

Part of a flock of an estimated 30,000 Barnacle Geese flies over our heads in February 2010.

Filmed in the Netherlands on a weekend tour with Birding Holland.

Translated from the Dutch SOVON ornithologists:

In the first two weekends of December, a total of more than 100,000 geese were counted in the four areas. Leader was the Biesbosch with 41,000 geese, followed by 37,000 geese in the Oostvaardersplassen. The most common species in the two areas was the white-fronted goose, followed by the gray lag goose and barnacle goose. Also in the Wieden the white-fronted goose was most common, with more than 17,000 individuals. In Fochteloërveen the tundra bean goose, with over 3,700 birds, was the top scorer.

Surprising were the Oostvaardersplassen white-fronted geese: they left in considerable groups across the IJsselmeer to North-Holland. Another beautiful phenomenon was the gathering of Bewick’s swans in the Biesbosch with on January 19, more than 1,500 birds. It is estimated that this means about ten percent of the total western flyway of this species. In both areas during the count sea eagles were seen, which caused panic among the geese. The two cranes seen in the Fochteloërveen, presumably local breeding birds, were special as well.

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