13 thoughts on “Mali, war and more war

  1. Terrorism is a reality.the fanatics who been financed by a well known religious groups will never give up their deadly ideology to destroy the Western Civilization and take the world back to the DARK AGES.It all stared after 1948 when the ARAB were defeated by Israel .


    • Hi jalal, terrorism is indeed a reality. And it did not start in 1948.

      In the nineteenth century, the battle of Solferino


      was a very bloody battle. It gave rise to founding the Red Cross. Yet, all the dead people were soldiers. Except for only one Italian farmer working on the battlefield.

      In today’s wars, most people wounded and killed are civilians. Early in the twentieth century, Italian colonial Libyan war General Douhet (later a fascist) developed the concept of “total war”, later mentioned by nazi Goebbels.


      So, today most terrorism is by governments; and some by non-governmental groups.

      In Europe, according to police figures, 0,4% of terrorism is by Muslims; the rest by others, like Anders Behring Breivik:


      Al Qaeda was founded in cooperation by the CIA and their Pakistani and Saudi colleagues, to destroy the secular government in Afghanistan. Since then, Al Qaeda was sometimes the foe, sometimes the ally (in Yugoslavia, Libya and still in Syria) of “Western civilisation”.

      “War on terrorism” is an open ended, endless absurdity and a financial bottomless pit. A government can declare war on another government; but not on something as vague as terrorism, applied by many governments and NGO’s alike sometimes. Like a “war on drugs” is also an absurdity. Drugs are not governments.


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