Japanese whaling conflict with Australia

This video is called Whale Hunting Krill in Antarctica – Planet Earth – BBC wildlife.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Whaling support ship sparks protest

Friday 01 February 2013

by Our Foreign Desk

Australia protested to the Japanese government today after a whaling fleet support vessel sailed into Australian waters in pursuit of anti-whaling activists.

Environment Minister Tony Burke said that the Shonan Maru No 2 had entered Australia’s exclusive economic zone near Macquarie Island in the Antarctic.

“Australia has made it clear to Japan on a number of occasions that vessels associated with its whaling programme are not welcome,” he said.

The ship is owned by the Japanese government and provides security for the whaling fleet conducting the country’s annual hunt.

The ship tailed anti-whaling ship Bob Barker toward Macquarie Island over two days, said Sea Shepherd Conservation Society spokesman Bob Brown.

Mr Brown said the ship stopped just outside Australian territorial waters but remained inside its exclusive economic zone as the Bob Barker proceeded up the island’s coast.

“Tokyo has ignored the call from the federal government for this part of the whaling fleet not to enter the zone,” said Mr Brown.

Australia maintains whale hunting violates Japan’s international obligations and is seeking a ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Japanese whaling industry ‘dead in the water’, says animal welfare group: here.

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