6 thoughts on “BP oil still polluting Gulf of Mexico

  1. Scottish BP tanker drivers begin four-day strike in dispute over pay, pensions

    Tanker drivers employed by BP, at the Grangemouth refinery near Falkirk, Scotland, are to begin a four-day strike from this morning in a dispute over pay and pensions. The Unite union said 90 percent of the drivers voted for industrial action.

    The union claims the strike would cause “significant disruption” to Scotland’s transport infrastructure, threatening fuel supplies to all airports and scores of petrol forecourts north of the border and in the North East of England.

    The dispute originated out of the transfer of a key fuel transport contract from BP to a new employer, DHL.

    Unite says the drivers stand to lose more than £1,400 a year in pay which was tied to a BP share purchase scheme when they begin work under the new contract and as much as £100,000 from the value of their pension. BP posted profits worth more than £7.6 billion in 2012.

    Last year, tanker drivers working for Wincanton and supplying forecourts across east and central England took over two weeks of industrial action in a dispute over pay, pensions and training, followed by a three-month dispute with the UK’s six major fuel distribution companies.

    Failing a settlement in the dispute, the second four-day strike is due to begin February 28.


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