Medieval King Arthur literature on the Internet

This video is called Arthurian Fiction in Medieval Europe: Narratives and Manuscripts.

There is a database on the Internet about medieval European fiction literature about King Arthur and his knights.

It is here.

It says about itself:

This research tool provides information on medieval Arthurian narratives and the manuscripts in which they are transmitted throughout Europe. The database consists of linked records on over two hundred texts, more than thousand manuscripts and two hundred persons. Texts which belong to the pseudo-historical tradition of Geoffrey of Monmouth and printed books are not included.

The database is work in progress: a considerable number of records have yet to be completed, while fresh discoveries of narratives and manuscripts invite new entries. The compilers of the database hope that this tool will contribute to further research into Arthurian fiction as a pan-European phenomenon.

2 thoughts on “Medieval King Arthur literature on the Internet

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