Leucistic bald eagle in the USA

This January 2016 video from the USA is called Leucistic Bald Eagle at Klamath Basin, Oregon.

From Wildlife Extra:

Leucistic bald eagle in north west USA

Leucistic eagle spotted on Nooksack River

January 2013. Chris Teren, a wildlife photographer from Washington State in USA recently took these gorgeous photos of a leucistic bald eagle on the Nooksack River in the north of the state. The eagle looks even more attractive than usual with the white patches on his body and wings.

Chris has more images of the eagle, and he also has some other lovely wildlife shots, especially of orca. Click here to go to Chris Teren’s website.


The patches are caused by leucism; Leucism is a very unusual condition whereby the pigmentation cells in an animal or bird fail to develop properly. This can result in unusual white patches appearing on the animal, or, more rarely, completely white creatures.

2 leucistic blackbirds in Herefordshire: here.

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