2013, year of the chanterelle

In the Netherlands 2013, is the year of the beech marten and the fire salamander. And the year of the grey partidge.

The Dutch mycological society has decided that 2013 is also the year of the chanterelle.

This video is called How to find Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms, aka Cantharellus Cibarius.

This edible fungus used to common in the Netherlands, but has declined lately.

30 thoughts on “2013, year of the chanterelle

      • Thanks for the link and even more info. I try to be super-cautious about any shrooms we pick. I carry a small field guide but still usually wait until we get back to civilization to check-and-double-check them all before I dare ingest any. Half the time I end up only taking neat photos of them…they grow so funny and in such unusual places!


        • Hi MisBehaved Woman, small field guides are often not enough for identification.

          I know about at least one country where there are about ten times as many fungi species as bird species. That might be true for other countries as well, including the USA.

          How many bird species are there in the US? 800? So, you see …


          • Yep, that’s why I either just take photos or wait to verify species until I get home if it isn’t one I am long familiar with. I am working on my own guide to carry with us and am making it region specific for easier use. Always better to be safe than sorry…or sick…or worse!


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