2013, year of the chanterelle

In the Netherlands 2013, is the year of the beech marten and the fire salamander. And the year of the grey partidge.

The Dutch mycological society has decided that 2013 is also the year of the chanterelle.

This video is called How to find Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms, aka Cantharellus Cibarius.

This edible fungus used to common in the Netherlands, but has declined lately.


Bird hides for photographers

This video from North America is called Song Bird Photography Tutorial-How to Photograph Birds.

Birds are often difficult to photograph.

It may be easier from a publicly accessible hide.

However, in these hides the viewing openings are often not at the right height for cameras. And noisy children may walk in and out, slamming doors.

In the Netherlands, there are now special hides for photographers. Smaller than public hides. Only accessible for photographers. Openings at camera height.

Photographers can rent those hides for a day, or part of a day.

Here is information about hides in Twente region in the eastern Netherlands.

There is also a photographers’ hide not far from Hilversum town in the central Netherlands. It is in a not publicly accessible forest. With a view on a small pool, where forest birds come to drink. If a photographer sits down in the hut, then eyes are on the same height as the birds.

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Dutch humpback whale video

This video is called Humpback Whale at Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands , 12 January 2013.

More about Dutch whale watching then is here.

Eagle-owl mating season, live webcam

This video is about owls.

Though it is winter, and wintry weather, in the Netherlands now, it is mating season for the Eurasian eagle-owls.

You can see this, at an eagle-owl nest in the Achterhoek region, on live webcams and videos, here.