Dutch mammal stamps

This is a video about a red squirrel in a Dutch garden.

Translated from the Dutch Waddenvereniging conservationists:


Mammal stamps of Stichting Natuurbeelden

The Stichting Natuurbeelden [Nature images foundation] and Dutch mail last Monday issued a series of stamps with close-up photographs of Dutch mammals. The entire series consists of 36 items; each month there will be three new mammals. Four stamps of the series, of January 8 (the squirrel), 25 March (the fox), 22 April (the harbour seal) and 12 August (red deer), will be sold in post offices. The complete series is available only by subscription.

Unique about the squirrel stamp is that you can scan it with the app ‘Chameleon eXplorer’ on a smart phone. Then you will see a video about a squirrel. The app is available here for iPhone and Android. The Waddenvereniging along with ten other nature organizations is part of Stichting Natuurbeelden.

6 thoughts on “Dutch mammal stamps

  1. Those naughty red squirrels are such endless fun to watch. Notice how this one is keeping his (or her) back warm by covering it with his/her fluffy tail. “Mmmm…so comfy, nibbling an acorn and having my back warm”.


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