Money for oppression, not for people in Greece

This video says about itself:

Are Greek Police ‘Colluding’ With Far Right Golden Dawn?

Oct 17, 2012

Greece‘s far-right party, Golden Dawn, won 18 parliamentary seats in the June election with a campaign openly hostile to illegal immigrants – and there are now allegations that some Greek police are supporting the party.

Last week Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panagiotaros led a demonstration that closed down a performance of the Terence McNally play, Corpus Christi.

As police stood by, apparently oblivious, Mr Panagiotaros was filmed shouting racist and homophobic insults at the director of the play, and the actors cowering inside the Chyterio Theatre.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Special forces arrest 80 anarchists at Athens squat

Wednesday 09 January 2013

Anarchists attempting to reoccupy a longstanding Athens squat were confronted by Greek special forces who made at least 80 arrests today.

The face-off centred on the Villa Amalia site, whose occupants were forcibly evicted by police on December 20.

Several anarchists also mounted a short-lived occupation today of offices belonging to the Democratic Left party, which has collaborated in pushing through a relentless barrage of cuts ordered by the European Union, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund in return for multibillion-pound bail-out loans.

Leftist opposition group Syriza, which retains a pro-EU stance despite the economic punishment meted out by the bloc, condemned the occupation of party offices but hit out at police tactics that it branded a “strategy of suppression and diversion.”

The group said: “We are not going to make a big issue out of a minor one when most households are literally freezing because they can’t pay the electricity bill or buy heating fuel or when dozens of businesses are closing down while millions of unemployed are being crushed on the margins of society.”

3 thoughts on “Money for oppression, not for people in Greece

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  2. Clashes as uni courses cut

    Friday 29 March 2013

    Greece’s parliament approved government proposals on Thursday to close or merge roughly one of every five faculties at universities and higher education colleges.

    The drastic cutback triggered violent student protests and dissent within the coalition government.

    Police used tear gas during clashes with student protesters outside parliament as about 3,500 people joined rallies against the proposed legislation.

    But MPs voted 148-125 in favour of changes that will see the number of higher education faculties cut from 534 to 405.


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