Cameron, Hitler and fox hunting

This is a video from the USA about red fox kits.

By Roger Bagley in England, on the British Conservative Prime Minister:

Cameron red-faced after clumsy Hitler reference

Wednesday 09 January 2013

History dunce David Cameron landed himself in another fine mess today by using an Adolf Hitler-style “red pests” quote to attack Labour MPs.

Challenged at Commons question time about his old passion for fox hunting, the clueless Prime Minister retorted: “The only red pests I pursue these days are in this house.”

Mr Cameron seemed blissfully unaware of the infamous outburst by Hitler on the night of the Reichstag fire on February 27 1933, falsely blamed on communists by the nazi propaganda machine.

The nazi leader barked: “This fire is a God-given signal. It is the work of the reds. We must crush these murderous pests with an iron fist.”

Mr Cameron’s gaff followed an accusation from Labour MP John Spellar that he was out of touch on fox-hunting, with the overwhelming majority of people supporting the ban.

7 thoughts on “Cameron, Hitler and fox hunting

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