Beautiful Blogger Award, thanks gamanrad!

Beautiful Blogger Award

Gamanrad of the blog Reality tells us what we need to do was so kind to nominate Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Thanks so much, gamanrad! All the best in 2013 for you, and your blog!

Here are the rules of the Beautiful Blogger Award:

If I nominate you, and if you choose to participate (no pressure!), then here’s what you do:

Write a post about the award and include the award picture.

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

Nominate seven other blogs and include links as well as a quick statement about that blog.

Write a comment on each of the blogs to tell them you nominated them.

Have fun!

My seven nominees are:

1. Dean J. Baker – Poetry, and prose poems. A much clearer, less cryptic title than many other blogs, so go and read!

2. My Vogage Through Time: “history, culture, science, technology and the arts”.

3. Samanta Norbury-Webster, documentary film-maker and photographer.

4. Sirenas World. The blog of Sirena Williams. No, not tennis player Serena Williams; a Bachelor of Science in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity.

5. Internationally Unrelated. The blog of Tânia Vargas, “a Portuguese young professional in the field of International Relations (currently finishing my master’s degree)”.

6. MissMangue. From Afro hair to recipes to travel, and much more.

7. red rust blue. “Three sisters, one blog, and a whole lot of craziness: red rust blue.“.

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award, thanks gamanrad!

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  2. Thanks for nominating me for the beautiful blogger award. I’m sorry that i didn’t responded before. This month has been quite chaotic.
    Thank you.


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