Beautiful Blogger Award, thanks scottie27!

Beautiful Blogger Award

Scottie27 of the blog 27butterflies was so kind to nominate Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Thanks so much, scottie27! All the best in 2013 for you, your blog, and your photos on that blog!

Here are the rules of the Beautiful Blogger Award:

If I nominate you, and if you choose to participate (no pressure!), then hereโ€™s what you do:

Write a post about the award and include the award picture.

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

Nominate seven other blogs and include links as well as a quick statement about that blog.

Write a comment on each of the blogs to tell them you nominated them.

Have fun!

My seven nominees are:

1. Perikles Merakos Blog; with beautiful photographs from Greece.

2. Grow your innerself by Summer. “I love writing, drawing, dancing, music, spirituality, art, culture, nature.. The whole world! : )”

3. Laboratorio de Imรกgenes; with photos on nature in Spain and other subjects.

4. YESCuba: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba; by Russell. “YESCuba is an acronym for (Jamaican) Youth and Elders in Solidarity with Cuba. We are one of several organizations in Jamaica which together constitute the Jamaica-Cuba Solidarity Network.”

5. Wester Avenue in rural northern Wisconsin; fine photos from the United States countryside.

6. Greenhorn Photos. “A fantastic photo site”.

7. Poetic Licensee; poems, poems, and more poems!

20 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award, thanks scottie27!

  1. Thank you, thank you! How sweet to think of my blog woth your nominations. I really appreciate it and embrace this one such as the other awards.

    Peace and Love and a beautiful 2013! to you, Petrel.

    Sweet greetings, Summer


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  3. Congratulations sister Petrel; you more than deserve your several awards. Deep appreciation for the time spent to keep us widely informed through such a wonderful model of excellence in blogging.
    Many many thanks for your nomination!! I am truly grateful for your kindness.
    Nuff love and respect from Jamaica and wishing you the very best in 2013.


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