Top 10 birds on the US internet

This October 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

Top 10 Cutest Birds in North America

Defining cute can be a little tricky because it’s subjective. What I find cute you may not. Here my top ten cutest birds in North America.

Top 15 Most Popular Bird Species in North America: here.

Which bird species are the most popular?

There are many public opinion polls on this. Eg, this one from Belgium.

Today, one from the Internet site in the USA:

Top 10 Birds of 2012

Most Popular Wild Birds in 2012

By , Guide

Everyone has their favorite birds, and with nearly 10,000 bird species in the world, there are plenty of choices. With more than 210 bird species profiled here and more being added every week with a new featured bird, that is still a lot of birds to choose from, and these top species were the most researched and most popular during 2012.

How does a bird’s popularity change from year to year? News stories, rare sightings, conservation efforts and irruptions can all impact how well known a bird becomes … . Is your favorite bird not part of these lists yet? … check out the complete collection of bird profiles, and your favorite bird species may be part of the 2013 list!

1. Mallard

Not only is the mallard the most popular and familiar duck in the world, but it is also one of the most widespread with feral and domestic populations in urban areas as well as wild flocks on many waterways. The colorful male is distinctive, but the more camouflaged female is equally attractive, and no one can resist the charm of a flock of ducklings.

2. Cooper’s Hawk

A large backyard hawk, the Cooper’s hawk is an unwelcome guest in many areas because it preys on smaller birds that might be more desired at feeders. These agile accipiters are efficient predators, however, with their long tails to steer through trees and their strong talons to dispatch their victims, even if they do leave a feathered mess for backyard birders to clean up.

3. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

This brilliant hummingbird is the most common hummingbird east of the Mississippi River and is the hummer with the most widespread range in North America. The male’s brilliant red gorget is a key field mark, and these tiny flying jewels are readily attracted to nectar-rich flower gardens and supplemental nectar feeders in spring and summer.

4. House Finch

One of the most common backyard birds, the house finch is often confused for a sparrow because of its size and brown markings. The males have bright red, orange or yellow on the head, breast and rump, but the females are more subdued. These birds are highly social and often appear at backyard feeders in large, hungry flocks, where they favor sunflower seeds and mixed birdseed.

5. Downy Woodpecker

The most common backyard woodpecker, the downy woodpecker is also the smallest. Its tiny, sparrow-like size and small nub of a bill are good field marks for identification, and males can be distinguished by their red napes, while females are just black and white. These active, perky woodpeckers will eagerly visit suet feeders and will take sunflower seeds.

6. House Sparrow

Though often reviled as an invasive bird in many areas, the house sparrow is actually declining in its ancestral native range in the Middle East. Easily adaptable to living in urban and suburban areas, house sparrows are often the first birds that can be easily attracted and identified in areas where green spaces and diverse habitats are scarce.

7. Great Horned Owl

One of the largest and most aggressive owls, the great horned owl is a solitary predator that stays in its range year-round and is found in a wide spectrum of habitats, from forests to marshes to agricultural areas. This nocturnal bird is named for its feathered horns but its broad facial disk is equally useful as a field mark for proper identification.

8. Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Another common backyard hawk, the sharp-shinned hawk is smaller than its Cooper’s cousin, but it is equally deadly toward backyard birds and often preys on finches, sparrows and similar passerines. Many backyard birders, while they appreciate the efficiency of raptors, prefer to take steps to protect their other backyard birds from hawk attacks with additional shelter and camouflage.

9. Anna’s Hummingbird

One of the most widespread western hummingbirds, the Anna’s hummingbird is one of very few hummingbird species to stay in the United States year-round, but the temperate climate along the Pacific Coast permits this bird to stay in flower gardens all year long. They are familiar in backyards as well and will eagerly visit hummingbird feeders for a quick sip.

10. Mourning Dove

One of the most widespread doves, the mourning dove’s soft cooing is familiar to many backyard birders, as is its soft plumage and long, tapered tail. These birds have a distinctive whistling flight and will readily visit large feeders and ground feeding areas for spilled seed. The chicks, with their buff-edged feathers, can also be charming and welcome visitors at feeders.

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