Swiss dog-eating still legal

This video about Switzerland is called Eating Dogs (A Dogumentary).

Translated from VARA TV in the Netherlands:

Swiss should not eat dogs”

Thursday, January 3, 2013 11.11

Animal welfare organizations in Switzerland ask for a ban on eating dogs. Politicians seem not yet inclined to legislate and want to leave it to each citizen himself whether or not to eat dogs.


The Bild newspaper reported this on Wednesday. The tradition of eating dogs is alive in some rural areas of the Alpine country, such as the Rhine valley, Appenzell and central Switzerland. Often farmers eat ‘surplus’ dogs.

No ban

Eating dogs is not forbidden in Switzerland as long as it is for personal use and the animals are not killed in a cruel way. The dog meat trade is illegal.

Swiss chow down on delicacy made out of cats and dogs: here.

Farmers Eat Dogs, Cats In Switzerland: Report: here.

Farmers in Switzerland routinely EATING cats and dogs with their meals: here.

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