Galapagos pink iguana on film

This 2018 video is called The Pink Iguana of Galapagos | BBC Earth.

From the Bangkok Post in Thailand:

Galapagos pink iguana captured on film

Published: 1/01/2013 at 11:46 AM

Veteran British nature broadcaster David Attenborough is to show the first filmed sighting of the rare pink iguana, in a television series on the Galapagos Islands which begins Tuesday.

The 86-year-old filmed the rare Conolophus marthae iguana in June last year for his new series “Galapagos 3D”, which goes out on Britain’s Sky television.

It was only identified as a separate species in recent years and it will be the first time the creature has been seen on screen.

It was filmed on the island of Isabela in the volcanic Ecuadoran archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.

“It was a privilege to see it,” said Attenborough.

“It’s a remarkable thing in this day and age when you think about the number of scientists per square metre in the Galapagos, and yet suddenly we have discovered a new species.

“A little periwinkle or something which nobody has identified before is one thing, but this is more than that: it’s a large, pink iguana.”

Series executive producer Geffen added: “When he finally came face-to-face with the iguana it was just one of the most extraordinary moments that I’ve ever experienced: here was the world’s greatest naturalist coming face-to-face with a new species.

“In the footsteps of Charles Darwin but almost 200 years later, David Attenborough was capturing the rare species on film for the first time.”

Attenborough celebrated 60 years with the BBC last year in a career that has seen him win many awards and the respect of the scientific community.

See also here.

Sir David Attenborough believes his type of wildlife shows may cease to be made the day he retires: here.

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