Scientology ‘church’ setbacks Belgium, USA

This video is about Scientology‘s OTIII and XENU.

When L. Ron Hubbard founded Scientology, he claimed it was science.

As churches pay less taxes, he later claimed it was religion.

Critics say it really is a for profit business, engaged, inter alia, in unlicensed practice of medicine with potentially dangerous consequences.

Translated from Belgian daily Het Laatste Nieuws:

“Belgium prosecutes Scientology”

Edited by: Hanne Adriaen

28/12/12 – 5:38 Source:

The federal justice department is prosecuting the Church of Scientology of Belgium as a criminal organization. Newspapers De Tijd and L’Echo say so. The government prosecutes the Belgian branch of the well-known movement and two of its senior executives for fraud, illegal medicine, various breaches of privacy and extortion as well.

A previous inquest, which dragged on for years, is still unresolved at the Brussels court. That investigation, which began in 1997, was about older facts. Not so for this new case which the federal prosecutor is presenting to the Brussels court now.

The present investigation was a consequence of a complaint from the Brussels Regional Employment Office on dubious employment contracts of the Church of Scientology of Belgium. Investigating judge Michel Claise worked on the case; in April 2008 he had police raiding Scientology premises. The police is said to have found lots more of incriminating material there.

The federal prosecutor and the Church of Scientology of Belgium refused to comment yesterday to the newspapers.

From Wire Service Media in Canada:

Fourth Narconon Closure – Scientology Rehabs Collapsing

Submitted by intelligence on Dec 26, 2012 – 03:52 PM


Scientology drug rehabs appear to be collapsing like a line of fragile dominoes as government and health agency investigations press on.

Today, the state Department of Community Health in Georgia has notified Narconon of Georgia it intends to revoke the clinic’s license for misrepresenting itself as a residential drug treatment facility.

Facing another wrongful death lawsuit trial to begin February 11, 2013, Scientology’s drug rehab empire is under fire and facing scrutiny of epic proportions globally.

If the Georgia state Department of Community Health succeeds in the revoking of Narconon of Georgia’s state licence, this would be a staggering blow to Scientology. This would be the fourth Narconon closure in recent years, including, Narconon Canada Continental, Narconon United Kingdom, Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Quebec, and now Narconon of Georgia.

Over the past couple years protesters in North America have demonstrated their outrage for the unscrupulous and dangerous practices at Narconon – – the most recent in early November 2012 at Narconon of Georgia. During the protest, a passing Narconon staff vehicle showed their distaste by reaching their arm out the window and giving demonstrators the “bird-finger.”

Also in early November 2012, Judge Stacey Hydrick sanctioning Narconon of Georgia when Narconon executive Director Mary Rieser was caught lying under oath in as many as ten depositions.

News of Judge Stacey Hydrick sanctioning Narconon of Georgia Narconon Executive Director Mary Rieser was caught lying under oath in as many as ten depositions, created an outcry from many. Judge Hydrick concluded that, when she asked Riser on the stand about the omissions and false declarations, Narconon’s leader was simply not credible in her responses – – failing to tell the truth.

Attorney Jeff Harris, representing the family of Patrick Desmond who died in 2008 while enrolled at Narconon of Georgia, says the ruling for sanctions is so strong; lawyers often refer to it as the civil-case version of the death penalty.

In the Narconon of Georgia wrongful death lawsuit, plaintiffs’ lawyer, Jeff Harris who represents Desmond’s parents says “the amount of smoke has clearly indicated there is a fire,” Oklahoma Senator Tom Ivester insisted the same in a recent media interview “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” And lawyer Gary Richardson stated to Fox News 25 “”the first time something happens it’s an ‘incident’, second time it happens, it’s a ‘coincidence’, the third time it happens, it’s a ‘trend’ – – how many deaths have we had there in the last 18 months?”

Following numerous complaints that Narconon of Georgia was operating or controlling a residential facility for clients, the state of Georgia has conducted at least 11 probes since 2002, but the department declined comment on its latest investigation, saying it is still processing Narconon of Georgia’s response.

8 thoughts on “Scientology ‘church’ setbacks Belgium, USA

  1. Scientology makes me crazy. To be classified as a religion in America your group has to “prove” a mission. Guess what Scientology sold their mission as? The “free personality test” of course. Yikes! Their assets in America are estimated at 500 million. Tax exempt and laughing all the way to the bank. L. Ron Hubbard is quoted as saying – “if you want to make a little money write a book, if you want to make a lot, start a religion”


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