Bahrain, Saudi Arabia dictatorship news

This video is about police attacking pro-democracy demonstrators in Ma’ameer, Bahrain, on 23 December 2012.

From EA WorldView blog, 24 December 2012:

2220 GMT: Bahrain. Claimed footage, which emerged tonight, of police beating and kicking a man in Al Eker this month:

1540 GMT: Saudi Arabia. Reports are circulating that writer Turki al-Hamad has been arrested today on orders from Minister of Interior Prince Mohammed bin Naif.

Al-Hamad, a political analyst and novelist, posted a series of controversial tweets on Saturday criticising Islamists who, he said, “have distracted us with nonsense that we forgot the important issue”. He likened Islamism to Nazism, adding, “But the age of Nazism is long gone, and the sun will rise again.” …

1300 GMT: Bahrain. A policeman suddenly slaps the face of a man, carrying an infant, in A’ali on Sunday:

Bahrain Police “Slap” Video Goes Viral: here.

Bahrain: Escalating state violence against peaceful protesters in lack of international accountability and using western arms: here.

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