Spanish anti-austerity struggle continues

This 21 July 2012 video is called Jobless from across Spain march in Madrid to protest austerity measures.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

OAPs join protests against Rajoy’s pension betrayal

Tuesday 18 December 2012

by Our Foreign Desk

Demonstrations against the government’s vicious austerity policies were held in dozens of Spanish cities late on Monday.

Whistles blowing and horns honking, thousands of people demonstrated in Madrid and in over 50 other cities to defend their pensions from the austerity policies of the right-wing government of Mariano Rajoy.

Since ousting the socialists in elections last year Mr Rajoy’s government has raised taxes, slashed the budget for healthcare and education and reduced pensions.

Spain‘s government broke a key election commitment in November when it refused to raise pensions in line with inflation in 2013.

Responding to calls by the country’s major trade unions, pensioners and elderly people thronged the streets of Madrid and elsewhere to express their rage at the government.

Prime Minister Rajoy said in his election campaign a year ago that he would make cuts “everywhere” but that his top priority was to maintain the purchasing power of pensions.

But since taking power he has made tough spending cuts and tax rises to lower the country’s deficit as demanded by the European Union without regard for his previous pledges.

Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said last month that most pensions would be raised by only 1 per cent in 2013, although pensions of less than €1,000 (£810) a month would rise by 2 per cent.

Inflation ran at 3 per cent in the year to November as a VAT increase fuelled inflation.

Spain’s governing Popular Party said at the weekend that it will investigate the financial activities of former treasurer Luis Barcenas: here.

3 thoughts on “Spanish anti-austerity struggle continues

  1. Protests in Spain over Alfon

    Thousands of people protested in more than 30 cities around Spain on Friday of last week—known as the Day of the Innocents—demanding the release of Alfonso Fernandez Ortega.

    The 21 year old, better known as Alfon, was arrested on his way to a picket line in his neighbourhood on the 14 November general strike day. He has been held ever since, but has yet to be sentenced. He is the last of those arrested in the 14 November strike still in jail.


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