Samsung corporation causes cancer

This video from London, England says about itself:

Keep Calm & Boycott Samsung (삼성불매운동) – HD, London

25 June 2012

Samsung are the main contractor destroying the precious coastline and environment on Jeju island, South Korea, to build a huge military naval base.

In solidarity with the villagers of Gangjeong whose livelihoods and way of life are being destroyed by this destructive project, this demonstration was organised to voice our protest and support the global call to boycott Samsung.

More information on the Jeju Island naval base:

Samsung’s shameful treatment of factory workers with cancer:

Samsung’s workers rights abuses:

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Government admits Samsung caused cancer

Friday 14 December 2012

by Our Foreign Desk

A South Korean government agency admitted today that working at a Samsung Electronics factory caused the breast cancer of a worker who died earlier this year.

It is only the second time that the government has recognised a link between cancer and Samsung plants.

The Korea Workers Compensation and Welfare Service ruled this month that there was a “considerable causal relationship” between the woman’s cancer and her five years of work at a semiconductor plant near Seoul.

The ruling didn’t become public until today when the agency announced it would be compensating the woman’s family.

Samsung spokesman James Chung said that the company would not appeal against the government’s decision.

Nearly 30 workers have filed claims that working at Samsung caused cancer, multiple sclerosis and brain tumours, but few cases have been accepted.

The woman worker, whose last name is Kim, died in March.

She worked for Samsung from 1995 to 2000. Her first name was not released at her family’s request.

“There was an exposure to organic solvents and radiation,” the workers compensation agency said, indicating that it had also reviewed records from overseas which showed that working night shifts is linked to a higher incidence of breast cancer.

Ms Kim, who worked eight to 12 hours a day, was often assigned night shifts, according to industry activist group SHAPRS.

She worked at a plant without a radiation detector and was also exposed to benzene and other carcinogens, said the group.

See also here.

SOUTH Korea electronics giant Samsung apologised to microchip factory workers who had suffered cancers linked to chemical exposure today and promised compensation: here.

AND THE NEWS KEEPS GETTING WORSE FOR SAMSUNG The company has suspended all production on its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after reports that the replacement phones were also having fire issues. [CNBC]

Samsung abruptly drops Galaxy Note 7 smartphone due to dangerous overheating: here.

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