6 thoughts on “English Labour leader soft on racism

  1. Tension is brewing in the UK and I can only predict riots in the near future. Im surprised labour have brought this out because its sounding very bnp and ukip which is sickening. I think that if people are to stay in the UK long term though that they should learn English, (providing they are capable). I think both the UK and he USA are equally discriminatory….

    • I think it would be better if immigrant workers in England would learn English as well.

      However, that should be on a voluntary basis, paid by bosses.

      At present, quite some bosses in many countries discourage immigrant workers from learning the country’s official language, because then those workers might learn more about their rights.

  2. Yeah I totally agree, like so many Polish came to my hometown and have been doing for years. I love them! Its actually added culture to the town. I know many have been exploited though for not knowing English so bosses wouldn’t pay for lessons, most arent paid minimum wage. We live in such sad times at the moment. I hope something really good happens soon and the UK gets some good leadership. I don’t trust any of them. I think they will make things so hard the working class will totally kick off. Its the eighties all over again :0(

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