Dutch humpback whale still on sandbar

This is a 15 December 2017 video on a dead sperm whale, beached not far from the stranded humpback whale.

As told in my earlier post, tonight four lifeboats and a helicopter tried to get the beached humpback whale to swim again.

However, the helicopter’s electricity finished. And a net did not work.

Tomorrow morning, 7am local time, people will again go to Noorderhaaks island to see how the whale is then.


Dutch humpback whale near Texel, update

This video is on the beached humpback whale.

My previous update said that the condition of the humpback whale, stranded in the Netherlands, was bad. People thought the animal would probably not survive. It cried, and an Ecomare museum employee standing next to it, cried as well.

However, as the tide rose today, the whale seemed to get livelier.

Ecomare museum on Texel and four lifeboats are digging a fairway and using nets at the moment to enable the whale to swim away.

This happens in darkness, in cold weather.

The humpback whale is nicknamed Johannes (John in English).

I hope he will swim again. But I can’t be sure.

UPDATE: a coast guard helicopter is at the scene, for lighting, so the rescuers will be able to see what they are doing.

Dutch stranded humpback whale update

This is a video of the stranded whale on the Noorderhaaks.

The humpback whale, beached yesterday on Noorderhaaks desert island near Texel, the Netherlands, is still alive.

But it is still on a sandbar and its condition is not good.

‘Standing near the whale, I cried, because the whale cried too’, someone who tried to save the whale said.

Photos are here.

Assange Australian elections candidate

This video is called Collateral Murder – Wikileaks – Iraq.

Australia: WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has confirmed his intention to run as a Senate candidate in the 2013 federal election and will announce the formation of a WikiLeaks political party early next year: here.