12 thoughts on “Sad Christmas for rich Britons

  1. Santa depressed by crisis kids’ letters

    In the 100th year of the US post service collecting letters to Santa, “chief elf” Pete Fontana says they are getting too sad to read. “They were asking for food, winter coats,” adds New York postmaster Patrick Donahue. “You’d be surprised how many kids ask for a blanket.”

    Eight year old Iris’ mum is ill and out of work. “I don’t ask you for fun or toys. I want some clothing,” she wrote. “I love toys too but I really need a book bag for school.”


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  3. Great post Kitty and so true! Its always the ones with money (usually millions) that tell us we have to “tighten our belts” and better still how can someone with an alleged £30 million in the bank and also an alleged £350,000 taxpayer funded HSBCloan for his second property in his constituency say “we are all in it together”. It’s insulting and soul destroying. People are very, very dissatisfied and who can blame them. Another expenses scandal in the Conservative party has just been alleged – the list is endless. SN

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  6. Gas boss gets multi-millions

    British Gas boss Phil Bentley will leave his job with a £13 million pay-off.

    His salary was £681,000 as he raised average energy bills to £1,300 a year. He may also get £6.7 million of shares, bonuses and a £210,000 a year pension.

    Workers have to pay to work

    The average worker spends one pound in every eight earned on costs relating to their job.

    Workers’ biggest expense is an average of £782 a year on public transport. Rail fares in England went up by 6.2 percent this month.


  7. Councils: exercise for your benefits

    Overweight people should have their benefits cut, a councils’ think-tank has declared. It says that housing and council tax benefits should be cut unless people go to the gym. Westminster council has already backed the proposals.

    People could even be given smart cards to swipe when they go to leisure centres, the report adds. So now we’ll not only have to jump through hoops, we’ll be put on the Tories’ treadmill as well.

    Meanwhile Tory councillors in Surrey spent £4,158 on a two-day “workshop”—at a castle. The posh 12th century Farnham Castle has five acres of gardens and features an ornate banqueting hall. It comes as some 650 workers face losing their jobs at the council thanks to the cuts.

    Know your enemy: Paul Burstow

    Paul Burstow is a Lib Dem MP and former health minister. He says that 10 million pensioners should lose the winter fuel allowance—a cut of £1.5 billion. Instead it would be limited to the very poorest

    Presumably this is an example of how the Lib Dems are “protecting” us from the worst of the Tory cuts.


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