23 thoughts on “Destruction of Greek health care

  1. Looks to me like the peoplel of Greece had a pretty good thing going. Oh my god! They have to pay 1 Euro for a prescription? And those hospitalization charges don’t seem too high either.
    Let this be a lesson to the USA; get involved in nationalized medicine and this is where you will end up (right back to square 1). My doctors are starting to leave the business already. Lost 2 just this year.


    • Greece’s unemployment rate rose to a new record of 26 per cent in September, underscoring the economic plight of the country’s workers:


      If you are unemployed in Greece, and don’t get any unemployment benefit as is often the case, then even one euro, let alone other higher costs, are a real problem. And complete privatization, going even further than the partial privatization now, would mean health care for the rich only. And for the not so rich, indeed, back to square one: to the eighteenth century, when the average age of death was thirty.


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  12. Greek health workers strike

    Doctors with the National Organisation for the Provision of Healthcare Services (EOPYY)—the unified healthcare branch of the main Greek social insurance funds—staged rolling 24-hour strikes nationwide from Monday to Wednesday against EOPYY doctors’ inclusion in public-sector staff mobility programmes, which may also lead to dismissal.

    In addition to doctors, other staff at EOPYY decided to hold a 48-hour strike on Tuesday and Wednesday and take part in a protest rally outside the health ministry on Tuesday morning.

    The National Medical Association says that the firing of EOPYY doctors will lead to greater hardship for millions insured with EOPYY and mean they are unable to have access to services they need, while many will be forced to discontinue treatment for their ailments.



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