Bahrain dictatorship arrests another human rights activist

This video is called Zainab Al-Khawaja: On the Front Line in Bahrain.

By Sharifa Ghanem and Joseph Mayton:

Breaking: Bahrain activist Zainab al-Khawaja reported to have been arrested

9 December 2012

CAIRO: Leading Bahraini activist Zainab al-Khawaja was reportedly arrested while at a hospital, EBOHR reported on their Twitter page on Sunday evening.

“Zainab Al-Khawaja was just arrested from Salmaniya Hospital after demanding Mohsin Aqeel’s right to a family visit,” they wrote.

“Zainab alkhawaja @angryarabiya yells ‘we are all the hero Aqeel and down down Hamad’ as she gets arrested from #SMC in #bahrain,” they wrote.

Al-Khawaja, who tweets at @angryarabiya, has faced more than one dozen charges this year alone for “speaking out about human rights violations in Bahrain, where dozens of people have been killed since pro-democracy protests began in February 2011,” ABNA news agency reported.

She was to have a verdict in the myriad charges against her announced on Monday.

Al-Khawaja has already been jailed for “illegally” protesting, “insulting the king, and inciting hatred against the regime.”

A “disrupting traffic” charge was made after she staged a one-person protest outside the prison where her father, human rights activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, is serving a life sentence for his role in organizing protests.

She again made international headlines after being targeted and shot in the leg with a tear gas canister by police last June. She was then put in a cast, but police did not stop their assaults on her, arresting her and dragging her down a flight of stairs following a one-person protest in August.

She was then jailed for two months, even though she has a young daughter.

Her case has sparked international attention on the small Gulf kingdom, where an uprising has been violently put down by the minority Sunni regime, much with the help of Gulf neighbors, including Saudi Arabia.

US Differences with Bahrain Playing Out in Public: here.


Orphaned Amur tiger cubs in Siberia

Wildlife Extra writes about the subject of this video:

Three orphaned Amur tigers cubs found in Russia – Video

Orphan Amur tiger cub video

December 2012. On November 27, three young tigers appeared near a military unit located 8 km away from Yakovlevka village, Primorsky Krai, in the Russian Far East. The cubs tried to kill a domestic dog on a leash, but a guard scared the animals back into the woods.

A group of tiger specialists went to the scene immediately and tried to find out why the cubs were alone in the woods. Unfortunately, no tracks of any mother tiger were found. The specialists decided to catch the cubs and take them to the Amur Tiger Rehabilitation Centre in Alekseevka village where the animals will be provided with food and medical treatment.

Please help David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to support these orphans and their work for tigers in Russia through their projects TigerTime and their Russia Project.

It is hoped that the three cubs will be released back into the wild to play a vital role in the future survival of these magnificent big cats.

Bahraini pro-democracy activists freed in London

This video is called Bahraini Activists Climb Embassy Compound in London to Protest Continued Crackdown on Bahraini Opposition.

From Ahlul Bayt News Agency:

London Court discharges two Bahraini activists

A judge at Marylebone Magistrate Court in Central London yesterday discharged two Bahraini activists who had climbed to the roof of the Bahrain’s Embassy earlier this year.

London Court discharges two Bahraini activists

Ali Mushaima and Moosa Abd Ali were reprimanded for “trespassing” on a “diplomatic”premises and warned them not do it again. On 17th April 2012the two Bahraini activists broke away from their hunger strike outside the American Embassy and made their way to Belgrave Square; climbed onto a scaffolding attached to a nearby building and occupied the roof of the Bahraini Embassy. After 24 hours of negotiations, the pair came down voluntarily and were briefly arrested by the police. Two weeks ago they were taken to court where their case has been heard. Yesterday marked the end of the ordeal when a magistrate at the Court considered the case on its merits and ordered the discharge of Ali Mushaima and Moosa Abd Ali. He also ordered them to pay £100 each towards the cost of the extensive police operations at the scene. The judge expressed clear sympathy with them especially after the courtroom turned into a trial of the Alkhalifa murderous regime.

As the regime became more desperate in the face of the steadfast people, its cruelty has become more vicious. It has become emboldened by the presence within the police and security forces of the British “security experts” like John Yates, Sir Daniel Bethlehem and Sir Jeffrey Jowell. Over the past few months human rights violations have escalated and the regime’s ability to hide its crimes with the help of those “legal” and “professional” experts has also improved.

On Tuesday the 4th December, Alkhalifa death squads attacked the town of Bani Jamra using live ammunition as well as shotguns. A young man of 20 years was shot in the face and left for dead. His face became another emblem for Bahrain’s peaceful revolution which is being crushed by the evil power of criminal dictators. Three women from the area were arrested; Lubaba Jaffar Mulla Ahmad, her sister Salma and Fatema Hassan Hussain.