Windows kill birds, photography exhibition

This video, about a red-eyed vireo in North America, is called Bird flies into window, knocked out and comes back to life.

Year after year, billions of birds die because they have flown against windows, cars, or airplanes.

Dutch photographer André van Soest has photographed some of those dead birds. To honour their beauty; and to get people to pay attention to this problem.

There is an exhibition of André van Soest’s bird photos now, in Almere town.

It is in Stad & Natuur, Kemphaanstraat 1.

BirdLife in the Netherlands (and similar organizations in other countries) sells window stickers. These help birds to notice windows, saving their lives.

Every backyard birder has heard the resounding thud of a bird striking a window, and even with the best preventative measures to help birds see and avoid the glass, impacts are inevitable. But when a bird strikes a window, what can be done to help it recover? Here.

Do You Know What To Do When Birds Collide With A Window? Here.

8 thoughts on “Windows kill birds, photography exhibition

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