Dinosaur discovery in Mexico

This video is called Duck-Bill Dino Parts Explained.

Not only news about maybe the oldest dinosaur ever discovered.

Also news about a comparatively late (upper Cretaceous) dinosaur; from Discovery News:

New Dino Had Giant Nose

by Jennifer Viegas

Thu Dec 6, 2012 12:33 PM ET

A new dinosaur with a large, prominent nose has been discovered in northern Mexico.

The duck-billed dinosaur, Latirhinus uitstlani (“lati” is Latin for “wide” and “rhinus” means nose in Greek), lived during the Late Cretaceous approximately 73 million years ago. Found in Coahuila state, it is described in the latest issue of Historical Biology: An International Journal of Paleobiology.

Its wide nasal cavity might have given it incredible smell-detecting ability.

“Also, it might have supported and provided enhanced space for a soft tissue structure, sort of like an inflatable bladder, for display, recognition and communication purposes in general,” lead author Albert Prieto-Márquez told Discovery News.

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