German nazi terrorism scandal continues

This video from Germany is called Hidden Danger – Rightwing Terrorism.

By Bernd Reinhardt in Germany:

Fifth German secret service resignation in NSU far-right terror scandal

3 December 2012

The resignation of Berlin secret service chief Claudia Schmid on November 14 was the fifth resignation by a secret service chief over the cover-up of information about the far-right National Socialist Underground (NSU) in Germany. Federal Secret Service (BND) President Heinz Fromm and the heads of state secret services in Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt have already resigned on similar grounds.

Schmid’s resigned over the destruction of files containing information relevant to the on-going inquiry into a trio of far-right terrorists from the NSU, whose activities came to light last year. The secret services apparently maintained extensive networks of agents inside the NSU and its periphery. The destruction of files also led to suspicions that the secret services were attempting to block the parliamentary committee of inquiry into the NSU affair.

In the past few weeks, the far-right Pro NRW has conducted racist protests outside refugee camps in North Rhine-Westphalia as part of a campaign for a “people’s initiative against the abuse of asylum.” Their demands for a criminal offence of “asylum fraud” have received support from members of the Pirate Party: here.

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    GERMANY: Online retailer Amazon says it will investigate reports that temporary staff at its logistics centres in Germany were subjected to a climate of intimidation.

    A documentary aired on German television on Wednesday cited temporary staff saying they were paid less than promised, faced constant searches and were intimidated by security staff wearing clothes linked to Germany’s neo-nazi scene.


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