Saving Canadian turtles’ lives

The Sticky Tongue Project in Canada writes about this video:

New Video: Reptile Fencing: Reducing Road Mortality

Long Point Provincial Park (Ontario, Canada) is home to 19 species of turtles and snakes, of which 12 are listed as being Species at Risk. These reptiles frequently cross the road or bask on it for warmth within the park. Unfortunately, this puts them in danger and many are killed. The Long Point Basin Land Trust and Long Point Provincial Park worked together to make the park safer for these animals.

Reptile fencing has been installed in priority areas (750 meters on both sides of the road) where the highest levels of mortality were recorded. The fencing acts as a physical barrier to prevent reptiles from moving onto the roads and potentially being struck by vehicles.

Since the park is closed and vehicle entry is blocked for much of the year, park staff are able to create openings to let animals through from October through until May each year to allow seasonal movements. They are also exploring the possibility of creating a more permanent solution which could include underpasses.

Another very successful wildlife barrier, complete with underpasses has also been installed at Big Creek Mark by the Long Point Causeway Improvement Project. The installation of a third culvert is now underway.


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