Free Bahraini political prisoners

This video says about itself:

British Concern for Rights of Bahraini Prisoners

The treatment of prisoners in Bahrain has been condemned by Parliamentarians and human rights groups at a meeting at the House of Lords. Confessions obtained through torture, trials by military courts and a lack of access to lawyers were criticised and support for victims offered.

From the National Democratic Action Society in Bahrain:

Arab and International Political Parties and Organisations Demand the Immediate Release of Waad’s Secretary General Ebrahim Sharif and other Political Leaders


A group of Moroccan, Tunisian, Egyptian and French political parties and civil organisations met in Casablanca, Morocco on the occasion of the conference of the National Congress Party and called on the Bahraini authorities for the immediate release of the Secretary General of the National Democratic Action Society (Waad) and his fellow imprisoned political leaders who will appear before the Court of Cassation in Bahrain on December 3, 2012. These leaders and activists are prisoners of conscience whose only crime was their exercise of their right to freedom of political expression as guaranteed by all international norms and conventions, in addition to the Bahraini National Action Charter and Constitution.

These trials have been considered by international human rights organisations, including Amnesty International and others, as trials of political persecution and fake justice.

The undersigned parties and organisations confirm that the political crisis in Bahrain is of a constitutional nature and must be resolved on that basis. Accordingly, they call on the competent authorities to cease the human rights violations which have escalated recently, including the siege imposed on many areas, illegal home break-ins and arbitrary arrests. Furthermore, they call on the government of Bahrain to unequivocally commit to the full implementation of the recommendations of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) which have been issued a year ago and the 145 recommendations issued by the United Nations Human Rights Council in September, 2012, which included the release of all political prisoners.

Additionally, they call on the government of Bahrain to uphold and respect the principles of the International Bill of Rights, cease all violations currently committed by the authorities, engage in serious meaningful dialogue and negotiations with the political opposition in order to commence the transition to democracy and curb the slide into securitised solutions which have proved futile in their inability to instill civil peace and social stability.

The National Congress Party – Morocco

The Unified Socialist Party – Morocco

The Democratic Way Party – Morocco
The Democratic Socialist Vanguard Party – Morocco
The Unified National Democrats Party – Tunisia
The Egyptian Popular Current – Egypt

The Left Party – France
The Egyptian Farmers’ Union – Egypt

The Democratic Confederation of Labour – Morocco
Democratic Federation of Labour – Morocco
The Moroccan Association for Human Rights – Morocco
National Democratic Action Society (Waad) – Bahrain

2 December, 2012

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