Favourite fungi of the Netherlands

This video is called Nature’s Great Decomposers | Molds and Fungus Documentary.

As reported on this blog, a few days ago it became known which three fungi in the Netherlands got most votes in a poll of favourite mushrooms.

Now, the complete results of the poll are on the Internet.

In this blog post, I will limit myself to the Top 10.

The winner is the fly agaric.

This video is called Fly Agaric toadstool growing time-lapse.

Number two is the orange peel fungus.

This is an orange peel fungus video.

This is a yellow stagshorn video.

And number three is the yellow stagshorn.

This video is about turkey tail fungi, number four.

This is a parasol mushroom; number five.


Number six is the chanterelle.

This video is about the giant polypore, number seven.

Penny bun

Number eight is the penny bun.

Number nine is the shaggy mane mushroom.

Here is a video about it.

Bay bolete

Finally, number ten is the bay bolete.


9 thoughts on “Favourite fungi of the Netherlands

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