9 thoughts on “Help wintering birds in Britain

  1. Yes, feeding your garden birds is very important and besides having the pleasure of watching the many beautiful species which feed, one gets a warm satisfaction in the knowledge that they’ve had a good meal – it’s a good feeling! Cheers SN

      • Absolutely, anywhere one can hang a feeder, I’ve seen blue tits on feeders which have just been attached somehow and hung out of the window of a first story flat. Any help is appreciated by the birds. SN

          • Yes, there is a limit I suppose where feeding would become ineffectual, I was only thinking of where birds are active,say up to tree height which can be just over the first story, it true that seed eating birds would not go much beyond this. SN

              • Hi Kitty, sorry for the delayed reply but I had to rush off to see my brother. That’s great about the second balcony bird visits, I love wood pigeons and aren’t they much bigger than rock doves when up close! They have beautiful colours and I enjoyed them visiting my bird table (that is before we had to move home), I miss them. I just also wanted to mention that in our small back garden which we had, I once had 27 collared doves feeding at once, it was a great treat. All the best, SN

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