New Dutch bird reserve

This video is a documentary about bird migration and their stopovers in the North West of England.

Dutch daily De Stentor of 24 November 2012 reports that near De Krim village (Hardenberg local authority; Overijssel province) people are working on a new nature reserve.

Translated from De Stentor:

Already, the former sewage farm is an attractive area. More than 90 species rest and forage there, like various geese and swan species, snipe, great crested grebe, curlew, golden plover, lapwing, black-tailed godwit, … . “Some come from northern Russia and winter here. The birds sleep in the sewage farm and during daytime they forage in the food-rich surroundings including corn fields and pasture.” In another season, this is an interesting nesting site for endangered species such as the common tern, black-necked grebe and garganey; several raptor species have been observed.

18 thoughts on “New Dutch bird reserve

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