Ernest Hemingway’s anti-war poems

This video from California in the USA is called Arlington West.

It says about itself:

Sep 20, 2007

105 heartfelt interviews with Soldiers and Military Families whose children were killed in Iraq. Every Sunday, Veterans For Peace honor the fallen with a cemetery of crosses at the beach.

From Richard Rozoff’s blog in the USA:

Ernest Hemingway: All armies are the same

November 22, 2012

Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

American writers on peace and against war


Ernest Hemingway: Combat the murder that is war


Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway

All armies are the same… (1922)

All armies are the same
Publicity is fame
Artillery makes the same old noise
Valor is an attribute of boys
Old soldiers all have tired eyes
All soldiers hear the same old lies
Dead bodies have always drawn flies


To Good Guys Dead (1922)

They sucked us in;
King and country,
Christ Almighty
And the rest.
Honor –
Words and phrases,
They either bitched or killed us.


Champs D’Honneur (1922)

Soldiers never do die well;
Crosses mark the places
Wooden crosses where they fell,
Stuck above their faces.
Soldiers pitch and cough and twitch –
All the world roars red and black;
Soldiers smother in a ditch,
Choking through the whole attack.

17 thoughts on “Ernest Hemingway’s anti-war poems

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  3. Hemingway’s works preserved

    US: A partnership between Cuba and a private US foundation is working to preserve more of writer Ernest Hemingway’s papers and belongings that he left at his home near Havana when he died.

    The Finca Vigia Foundation announced the digitisation of 2,000 Hemingway papers and materials today.

    The digital copies will be transferred to Boston’s John F Kennedy Library.


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