11 thoughts on “Israelis demonstrate against Gaza war

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  2. I spoke with a religious muslim who lives in Nigeria and he stated that the attacks by Al Quida are a retailiation effort that was extreme and violent. He stated that his ‘people’ are not as violent and apologized to me of all people in regard to it. I had a cousin who died in the first tower on 911. I was not close with his family for many years due to a family rift by my Aunt Eleanor who angered in 1998 when that part of the family offered no assistance after my other cousin was murdered. He was missing for 42 days and she felt that that side of the family did not care about her grandson. After the finding of his body, my Aunt only angered more about the issue. I never took sides and stayed out of it. I watched my family severe off many family ties when their husbands died. My immediate family was wrong for severe ties to other famiy members and to me it was hypocritical of them to do it. Where they angered at the same family for severeing ties with my other cousin Ronnie for her chosing lesbianism as a lifestyle. When you point down at people it is my belief that you will find 3 fingers pointing right back at you.

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