Honduras regime violates human rights

Sign with photo of murdered Honduran teenager Ebed Yanes, with caption I am a victim of the army

From Associated Press:

Killing of Honduran Teenager Could Jeopardize U.S. Aid

Published: November 15, 2012

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — American officials are demanding answers after learning that soldiers trained, vetted and equipped by the United States government chased down and killed a teenager in Honduras, where the United States is already withholding tens of millions of dollars in aid for the police and military over concerns about human rights violations.

The teenager, Ebed Yanes, 15, was killed on May 26 after driving through a military checkpoint. His father, Wilfredo Yanes, tracked down the soldiers and uncovered what was said to be a high-level attempt to hide evidence. His quest also led to new information reported this week that the unit in question was supported by the United States. …

The United States had vetted the unit and then provided it with a Ford truck that was used to chase the teenager from the checkpoint. Under United States law, all foreign units that receive military or police assistance are vetted before receiving any equipment or training.

This year, the United States began withholding aid from Honduras after reports asserted that a newly appointed national police chief had ties to death squads. United States law prohibits assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights with impunity.

The death of the teenager, officials said, is not a new trigger for withholding aid, but instead yet another episode raising concerns in the American government about support for the current Honduran police and military. Other issues include the killings of human rights activists, journalists and lawyers.

This week, a State Department official speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter said the withholding might reach $50 million.

That amounts to about half of all American aid to Honduras for 2012, including humanitarian assistance.

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  2. The International Action Center is returning to Honduras!

    Join a National Solidarity Delegation to Honduras in November 2013

    The people of Honduras gather for the launching of the election campaign.

    The IAC along with HondurasUSAResistencia and other national solidarity organizations, including the Honduras Solidarity Network are organizing a delegation to Honduras in solidarity with the resistance movement. We will be eye-witnesses for the historic presidential election that is scheduled to take place on Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013. The Presidential candidate is Xiomara Castro Zelaya, a leader of the resistance, and a union and also a resistance leader for Vice President, Juan Barahona.

    The delegations will be hosted by the Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular (FNRP) which is a coalition of worker, peasant Indigenous, LGBTQ, women’s, Garifuna, Afro-Honduran and student organizations.

    The IAC delegation will be in Honduras from 4-7 days. The cost of the trip (including airfare, hotels, transfers, food, and incidentals) will be approximately $1200+. Hundreds of activists are already making plans to travel to Honduras in November representing dozens of organizations. Throughout the U.S. report backs will be held upon return in dozens of cities to help build the solidarity movement with Honduras. With the growing repression in Honduras, our solidarity is critical.

    Please DONATE generously to support the strongest IAC delegation possible!

    Since 2009, when a U.S.-supported coup ousted the legally elected President Mel Zelaya, a wave of repression has swept the country. But despite this, the people’s movement is strong and vibrant and fighting back demanding the rights of workers and all sectors.

    Members of the delegation must have a valid passport. Holders of a U.S. passport do not require an entry visa. Citizens of other countries should check online as to what their particular requirements are.

    If you are interested in traveling to Honduras as a member of the IAC delegation contact either Teresa Gutierrez at 212-633-6646 or Michael Kramer at (ambar35@comcast.net) or Lucy Pagoada at 917-396-0204. For more information visit http://www.iacenter.org.


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